Monday, 8 June 2015

Tracy Verdugo Paint Mojo

I just spent the most amazing weekend with Tracy Verdugo in Brighton, an amazing artist who is known for her wonderful bright colourful animal pictures
It was fabulous experience working large scale 70cm x70cm which was a little out of my comfort zone
A great class allowing you to go with the flow and experimenting with different techniques and tools
Tracy is an amazing tutor who challenges you to try looking at things and life differently and super cool music anyone playing Nirvana Teen Spirit in a workshop is a total star!
Using FWAcrylic Inks for the first time and I love them! and the following DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics
Titanium White, Dioxadine Purple, Quinacridone Gold and Red, Diarylide Yellow,Cadmium Orange and Cobalt Blue creating lots of layers, patterns and textures

I didn't set out to paint a funky feline, she just appeared!  A breed known as the Brighton Blue Face!!
not sure what to make of her, love her or loath her she's already taught me a lot
I have another two canvas from the class to finish so who knows who will appear! :)


  1. How wonderful gorgeous canvad I did not know she had been doing workshops in the uk i would have loved that

  2. Wow Jools looks like you had an amazing time, so much colour and detail. Love it.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  3. Wow, wow, and double wow! Wonderful art work and I love the colors!!
    Sandy xx

  4. Oh my my my my my my..... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh - it's so INCREDIBLE... the colors and all the layers and oh dear... going back for another look.... JOOLS - YOU DID a SPECTACULAR creation here. Aren't you soooooooooo proud of this??? Man oh man oh man.... it's spellbinding... going back again to drool.... j.

  5. Oh, oh, oh - wow! Enough said.
    Alison xx