Wednesday, 5 April 2017

DecoArt Metallic Hearts

Apply DecoArt Media Crackle Paste through Dina Wakely heart stencil and allow to dry, then adhere 

 Modelling Paste applied with palette knife and texurizing to the smaller chipboard hearts

  Apply Crackle paste thickly and with texture to the largechipboard hearts for larger crackles

Spritz with water and apply Quinacridone Burnt Orange

   and apply Dioxadine Purple blending upwards

 Wipe back on the embellishments with a wet wipe

Apply Cobalt teal hue into the recesses

Apply a wash of Metallic gold

Apply a wash of Carbon Black

Highlight with Metallic gold, building up gradually


  1. Ahhh - ohhhhhhhh - wheweeeeeeeeee - INCREDIBLE. RICH and VIBRANT and ohhh how I want to run my finger over it Jools. BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING. Xj.

  2. Incredible depth of textures and colours Jools, amazing finishing xxx