Friday, 31 October 2014

DecoArt Halloween

I love Halloween and found this amazing plastic skull, it was on a plain metal stand so the dremel had to come out, I found a cheap candelabra and removed the central candle holder so that the skull could stand in its place
He now sits atop a more fitting structure
 I started applying DecoArt Media Texture sand and crackle paste, followed by a coat of Matte Medium to seal

The outside was painted with Carbon black and dry brushed with Dazzling Metallic Rich Espresso which gives a finished effect similar to cast iron
 The inside of the skull was painted with DecoArt Elegant Finish Glorious Gold
 The candelabra was painted with Multi Surface Satin followed with a coat of Carbon Black which was rubbed back to reveal the colour underneath and the metallic finish

 I finished dry bruising the candelabra and skull with Dazzling Metallic Rich Espresso

 The wings were cut on a Cricut and covered with Texture sand then Painted with Carbon Black and dry brushed as before

 An artificial candle sits within and I decorated with a plastic painted chain

 Happy Halloween

Jools : )



  1. This is just something else Jools - truly amazing - brilliant I wish I had an ounce of your amazing talent

  2. Eye-wateringly cool! Just spent the weekend on workshops with Andy, playing with all this fabulous stuff, and am so inspired... just lacking the time to sit down and play!
    Alison xx