Sunday, 19 October 2014

DecoArt Media Misters- Canvas

 DecoArt Media Misters- Canvas
This is a Fantastic new product very unique as it's an acrylic mister, this opens up a whole new world of possibility's

You have a better coverage and due to the DecoArt pigments very intense colour
Which is more pliable it doesn't absorb immediately into the media, you can mist, spritz and splatter and then move the paint around if you want to this is what I did on this Canvas
See Andy Skinner DecoArts Creative Director demonstrate them here

 I started by layering DecoArt Media Modelling paste through a variety of stencils

 As I applied to a black base, I then covered with white Gesso

 I then started spraying the colours lightly as this was the first time I had used them and I was amazed at the strength of colours you can get a fine spray effect or a splatter

 I started playing with applying them in different ways and dabbing and texturing how I wanted the paint applied

Once I was happy with the background I applied a layer of Ultra Matt varnish as I wanted a matt finish and to ensure that the next step wasn't going to cause the colour to shift, but due to the acrylic nature once dry you have a layer that is pretty permanent anyway

Than spritzed with the black through a CRW stencil allowed to dry and then off set the same stencil and applied another layer of modelling paste
Once dry. I sprayed with the Misters quite closely and smudged the colours again until I achieved a colour balance that I was happy with

I love all of the fab effects you can get with them from a very fine spray effect, splatters to Dappled effects
I used Black, Purple, Yellow Green, Magenta,Turquoise and Orange
You can find more infomation the product here


  1. These look fabulous, love the way they colour over the texture paste and you have combined the colours brilliantly to make this fabulous canvas. Seriously interested in getting some of these, roll on pay day lol
    Amanda x

  2. These look fabulous Jools, Just bought some media bits, looks like I will have to try the sprays too. xxx

  3. Wow, amazing background and canvas using these paints in spray (looks great indeed!) and this wonderful mask I have too (but don't use enough when I see what you do with it!..). Thanks for all the details Jools. xx

  4. Brilliant, love what you did with the stencil to create shadow. Dee x