Thursday, 6 August 2015

Unlock my Heart

Using one of the fabulous mini MDF shrines from That Craft Place, they are very well designed and easy to assemble check them out here

 I assembled before gluing together so that I could gauge the size of my heart embellishment

This was made from air dry clay, first sketched a rough outline and cut out 
Trimmed a bit as it was too big, then used the clay about quarter inch thick
I used a ruler to smooth the edge and flatten, it didn't have to be too perfect  as it was going to have texture added
Leave to dry overnight

Apply a coat of Gesso once dry apply Decoart crackle paste quite thickly for nice big cracks and leave to dry for about 4hrs

 Coloured with DecoArt Quinacridone Red and distressed with Carbon Black Media Fluid Acrylics

 I inserted some embossed card for the background and then glued the shrine together with DecoArt Media Liquid Glass

 Applied Crackle Paste to the front
 I painted the inside and sides with Carbon Black and dry brushed the embossed card with Media Fluid Silver
The front was painted with the silver then applied black and wiped back to expose the crackle effect 
I finished with jewellery wire to from the bars on the shrine, curling around a brush and embellished with a tiny key


  1. A fabulous shrine Jools, love the crackled heart.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  2. Brilliant like always Jools, love the theme and what you did with the shrine and heart!!

  3. Jools, this is such a wonderful piece! Great tutorial. I really love all of the elements you used here and the dinension of this piece. The wires look amazing as they "cage" this heart. Really a poetic piece.

  4. Ok - I'm awe struck Jools. I always totally love your work and how your brain thinks.... but this one just pulled a heart string. WOW WOW WOW. Wow. Xj.