Saturday, 12 September 2015

DecoArt Autumn Canvas Tutorial

Apply Modelling Paste through a Stencil with a palette knife spread smooth on some and 
texture on others
 Add texture with the palette knife

Create a random layout with a variety of textures
Once dry, apply the Crackle Paste through a Stencil with varying thickness on the individual leaves to create variable crackles
Thicker application will give you larger cracks
 Applied in a random pattern overlaying some of the modelling paste leaves
 Applying Colour
Apply a small blob of Yellow Oxide directly onto the canvas and spritz with water
Lighter colours at the top of the canvas graduating darker at the bottom
 Wash across selected areas, add Green Gold and work in
 Apply a wash of Carbon Black 
Wipe back with a baby wipe to soften
 Spritz the Media Misters and in some areas spritz with water to dilute and spread
 This is a process of gradually building up the weight of colour
I applied the stronger colours to the leaves as I wanted these areas to stand out more and wanted the colour to be focussed on the textured areas

I also wiped back some of the colour with a babywipe to reveal the raised areas and textures
 I worked Dioxadine Purple and Burnt Umber around the edges of the leaves to give a little more definition
 Wipe back the colour to expose the leaves and work the colour around until happy
Once I was happy with the overall colour balance, I highlighted some of the leaves drybrushing Titanium White

 Applied Burnt Umber through a spot stencil around the leaves and stamped a Script stamp randomly
Followed with a floral foliage around the edges and between the leaves with Black Stazon
Applied a very diluted Carbon Black wash to tone down the bottom of the Canvas and areas of brighter colour

Close Ups

 I like the contrast of textures of the canvas, the slight sheen on the areas with Crackle Paste and the Matt Modelling Paste areas but you could apply a varnish if required
 DecoArt Media Products have a variety to choose from including Ultra Matt, Satin, Soft Touch and Gloss


Media Modelling Paste
Media Crackle Paste

Media Mister

Media Fluid Acrylics
Raw Umber
Carbon Black
Titanium White
Dioxadine Purple
Quinacridone Gold
Green Gold
Yellow Oxide


  1. Amazing canvas!! You have created magic here..colours blended so beautifully!! Love this!!

  2. Really stunning, Jools - all the joys of autumn on a canvas - amazing.
    Alison xx

  3. Stunning Jools, such a gorgeous autumnal feel with the colours and leaf textures. xxx

  4. So beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial!

  5. I am definitely going to give your tutorial a go! Absolutely glorious! Might ever try something spooky with your tutorial!!! Thanks Jools.
    Sandy xx

  6. I am looking at this beauty again and just had to tell you again how gorgeous this is!
    sandy xx