Sunday 30 August 2015

DecoArt Cracked Skeleton Leaf Hearts Tutorial

Applied a Coat of Media Gesso to a wooden heart

 Applied Crackle Paste with a palette knife through a Clarity Large Leaves Stencil
Not all the way to the edge as I wanted a distressed look and the Gesso will also take colour differently to the Crackle Paste
 allowed to dry for approximately 3 hours until the cracks formed completely
 The butterflies were made from Air dry clay
Removed from the moulds once touch dry, with the edges tidied with a craft knife
 and allowed to dry for fully for 24hrs
Attached to the heart with Liquid Glass
 I wanted to create a very soft ethereal look, the colours were applied as very diluted washes with the colours built up gradually around the edges

Starting with  Prussian Blue, Pathalo Paynes Grey 
Followed with and Burnt Umber to warm the colours
  Gradually building the layers for stonger intensity, but adding water to fade into the centre
 Applied the same colours to the butterflies, mixing then with water
 Wiping back with a baby wipe to  expose the raised areas and appling more colour and water until a desirable colour effect is achieved

The Night Garden

The Night Garden
I love Vera Lane Studios Digi Stamps and finally got around to using them again
I created the layout in Craft Artist and printed on card

Coloured with ProMarkers and Spectrum Noir, then applied a coat of Matte Medium
Once dry, I applied a combination of neat and diluted Dioxadine Purple Acrylic and wiped back with a baby wipe to expose areas and distress 

Trees,Plants and Flowers
Lovely Garden
Grow a Happy Life
lil' Red and Big Bad
Fox and shrubs
Willow and her Birds
Give me some Suger
It's good to be Home

Angel from Februarys Moon

Moon & Stars from Fayette Fairy

Thursday 27 August 2015

Stampotique Anything Goes

Summer Holidays
Sunshine on a Rainy Day
 Kim has a New Challenge and I have new stamps!
The Holiday season and it's very wet and damp!!
 Jasper Fruhling is on a caravan holiday but dancing in the puddles when the sun shines on a rainy day


Daniel Torrente Jasper Fruhling, Roc Nichols camper & Jo Capper-Sandin Tree-O
Splatter Bob & Long

Sunday 23 August 2015

Clarity Bingo!

Clarity Challenge is pick three from the bingo board, I choose Stencil, Grunge Paste and Stamp!
I used a Clarity 6" Canvas with the beautiful Clarity Treescape stencil applying the 
Grunge Paste smooth at the bottom and textures with a palette knife at the top

One dry I applied the following Dylusions Ink Sprays
Black Marble
After Midnight 
Vibrant Turquoise 
Crushed Grape
I wiped back with a baby wipe to highlight the tree trunks and branches

Highlighted the texture with DecoArt Media Fluid Metallic Gold Acrylic and then stamped Floral Figures in Gold Ink in the foreground

Jools :)

Saturday 22 August 2015

Stampotique Repeat Yourself

Bone Sweet Bone

Stampotique Repeat Yourself is hosted by Sam Read

I loved the Wallis and Gromit Films and fabulous interiors like the wallpapers, so decided to create  Stampotique woofer wallpaper!

I stamped Barkabe and then masked him and stamped the Spiral Velvet Chair and masked
then created my wallpaper repeat with one of the perfect pooches from DT Dog Cube

I colour washed with DecoArt Primary Yellow with Pyrrole Red at the base
the woofers,chair and picture were coloured with Promarkers

Thursday 20 August 2015

DecoArt Jewellery Box

My latest DecoArt tutorial using the fabulous Media Products
To see the full tutorial please click the blog button

Jools :)

Wonderland Mini Shrine Trio

Loving these mini MDF shrines and embellishments from That Craft Place link
I used a combinations of images from Mischeif Circus Link and Serif printed on gloss paper with DecoArt Media Mediums and Fluid Acrylics link

Constructed the shrines which fit together very easily
I used DecoArt Media Glass to glue together 
Painted the insides with Carbon Black and then inserted the images

I used Modelling paste on the top for the roof, coloured with Phthalo Turquoise and highlighted with Silver Metallic
Applied Metallic Silver to the front, distressed with Carbon black and stamped a script with Black Stazon

Applied Crackle paste to the top section, coloured with Quinacridone Red and Gold
Applied Black and wiped back same technique on the air dry clay heart
Embossed metallic band with Stampendous Aged Sliver
Flower button painted with black and highlighted with Silver
Coloured the Butterfly with Dioxadine Purple and Phthalo Turquoise, highlighted with Silver

Scalloped House
Crackle glaze applied over a printed image and distressed with Carbon Black

Painted the watch embellishment face with Titanium white and applied crackle glaze
Coloured and distressed with Carbon Black, Burnt Umber and Metallic Silver

Attached Screw eyes to each shrine and joined with jump rings

Sunday 16 August 2015

Stampotique Animals

Party Animals
Stampotiques Animal Challenge hosted by Jackie more details here

Party Dog is a new stamp and I have longed to do a multi stamp scene, so I decided he needed some DJ Decks to get the party started!

I planned the layout around Party Dog and the Decks which were made out of the Carousel Stamp
I stamped the crow line, with Happy Head Appliances as Bunting along with characters
used masking fluid and then applied a purple colourwash
Removed the mask and coloured with Promarkers and Spectrum Noirs
Some of the characters were stamped separately, coloured and cut out

Screaming Bunny
Stack of Birds
Crow Line
Carousel- DJ Decks
Bird Legs
Yum Yum
Kitten Sitting
Mr Stripes
Happy Head Appliances
Blah Blah Blah
Romek’s Balloons

DJ Party Dog’s playlist!
Stray Cats
The Byrd’s
Black Crows
Electric Hares
The Chipmunks
The Wombats
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
The Screamin' Ab Dabs
Snoop Doggy Dog
Band of Horses
Electric Hares
Bloodhound Gang
The Flamingos

Jools : )

DecoArt Alice Shrine Tutorial

Alice in Wonderland Shrine in Celebration of the 150th Anniversary 
Like so many I have been mesmerised by the story from childhood 
so in honour of the 150th Anniversary I created an Alice in Wonderland Shrine

I was lucky to visit the visited All Saints Church in Daresbury, Cheshire where Charles Dodgson aka Lewis Carol was born
The stain glass windows are based in the original illustrations by John Tenniel a wonderful place

 Assembled the size Shrine Kit with Media Liquid Glass
  Applied Media Crackle Paste with a palette knife to the front and sides quite thickly to create a larger variable crackle effect, and allowed to dry for longer approximately 4 hour
Applied White Gesso to metal embellishments and adhered with Liquid Glass
Adhered with Liquid Glass

I planned the background layout, using a variety of TJ Designs Alice Stamps and Andy Skinner Back to Nature to fill the trees around the Cheshire Cat
The floor used Lost Coast Forth Dimension stamp, masked on half
 The sky was a wash of Ceruleam Blue and Medium Grey Value 6 graduating lighter to the centre
The following media fluid acrylics watered down and colouring the character elements
Cadmium Red Hue, Cerulean Blue, Phathalo Blue, Burnt Umber, Yellow Oxide, Green Gold, Titan Buff and Carbon Black
For the floor applied a colour wash of Medium Grey Value 6 darker at the bottom working lighter up toward the centre
The main and Sleeping Alice and mushroom, and White Rabbit images where coloured in the same way as the background

The heart embellishments were made from Air dry clay, coloured with Cadmium Red Hue and Quinacridone Burnt Orange

Followed by Crackle Glaze once it had cracked and dried applied Carbon black and wiped back

 The front of the shrine was coloured with a Quinacridone Gold wash, with Burnt Umber and Carbon Black around the edges to distress 
The Hearts were finished with Ultra Matt Varnish and applied with Liquid Glass

 Painted the inside of the box Black
 The sides of the shrine was coloured with Quinacridone Gold
 Gradually building the intensity of colour around the edges 
 With Burnt Umber and Carbon Black around the edges to distress 
 Applied the metal embellishments with Media Liquid Glass

Jools :)

Friday 14 August 2015

DecoArt Autumn Canvas

DecoArt Media Canvas
 Please click the media blog button below to see the full tutorial

Saturday 8 August 2015

Stampotique Selfie or Photobombing

For Claudine's challenge I decided to use DT Three in a Round and it reminded me of a photo lens
So I decided to roughly sketch a camera and there I was focusing a perfect group shot with the Aliens and up pops Smile shouting Smile Please!

Coloured with watercolour paints and Promakers

Jools : )

Thursday 6 August 2015

Unlock my Heart

Using one of the fabulous mini MDF shrines from That Craft Place, they are very well designed and easy to assemble check them out here

 I assembled before gluing together so that I could gauge the size of my heart embellishment

This was made from air dry clay, first sketched a rough outline and cut out 
Trimmed a bit as it was too big, then used the clay about quarter inch thick
I used a ruler to smooth the edge and flatten, it didn't have to be too perfect  as it was going to have texture added
Leave to dry overnight

Apply a coat of Gesso once dry apply Decoart crackle paste quite thickly for nice big cracks and leave to dry for about 4hrs

 Coloured with DecoArt Quinacridone Red and distressed with Carbon Black Media Fluid Acrylics

 I inserted some embossed card for the background and then glued the shrine together with DecoArt Media Liquid Glass

 Applied Crackle Paste to the front
 I painted the inside and sides with Carbon Black and dry brushed the embossed card with Media Fluid Silver
The front was painted with the silver then applied black and wiped back to expose the crackle effect 
I finished with jewellery wire to from the bars on the shrine, curling around a brush and embellished with a tiny key