Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My first post! Hello!!
I have recently discovered the Art of Journalling and I love it! It can be anything you want it 
to be, no holds barred!
I love the way you can do anything you feel, whether a simple sketch or a more intricate piece, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it means something to you and my lovely little Journal is now very precious and magical to me!
My most recent journal Page number 3, but whose counting! was inspired by the amazing Teesha Moore. I used acrylic paint background using the fabulous Paperartsy Fresco Finish Eggplant, Claret and Tinned Peas gorgeous colours and names! I used Clarity stamps Lupin and Sunburst, Prima Dolls and Studio 490 words and some graphic images.
Lots of drawing & doodling and cut them out and collaged!
It’s rather funky a bit Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Alice in Wonderland and illustrative of a Zen tangled mind!
I’d love to hear your comments, Jools x


  1. Waves to Jools.....
    Welcome to blogland.... looking forward to seeing much much more of your wonderful creative ability xxxxxxx
    Lisa xxx

  2. Waves back! Lisa!
    will get the hang of it slowly...
    Jools x

  3. Mmmm a fabulous journal spread, I can see the Teesha Moore inspiration behind it.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  4. Fabulous! Great doodling and it has a Zen sort of feel to it, love it!!

  5. OMG you are amazing. love all of your art creations. I love Teesha and you have really done a great job with her techniques.

    1. Suzie23

      Thank you for your lovely feedback


      Jools x