Friday, 3 June 2016

DecoArt Raku Rabbits

I have always loved the finish of Raku Pottery so I decided to try and replicate the lovely distressed soot and crackle effects on these beautiful Rabbits
To view the tutorial please click the DecoArt Blog button below
Thanks for looking



  1. An amazing project Jools, you got those crackles working beautifully and the finished result is magnificent.

  2. Wow, that already looks amazing!!!
    I'm going to have a look at the blog to read your way of doing this, full of promises to be very interesting when I see this fabulous rabbit wow!! I love also the Raku Pottery finish, this is so beautful. Great to have opened your post by chance, I'm happy :) :D
    Corinne xox

  3. From your ever admiring fan.... HIPPITY HOPPITY HOME RUN dear Jools. Completely INCREDIBLE. XXj.