Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Stampotique Challenge-Polka Dots

A fabulous new Stampotique challenge to use Polka Dots, always so pretty, striking and versatile

Here's my polka people! I learned this technique to make a wire frame and stand when I took a class with France Papillon recently and thought it would be a really cool way to make a multi photo frame

I stamped my Stampotique family onto 2" circles and coloured with watercolour mounted onto lengths of thick wire with some tape and the same with the wire frames

Stencilled silver metallic onto black card for the background

Stampotique Stamps used from left to right
Skiddy, Arnold, Marsha, Buru, Smile, Kamona, Dwindled, Wilbur, Checkers,  Bowtie, Eric and Winter

Looking forward to seeing you Polka Projects


  1. Most people have a family tree - but not you clever one - you have a family hanging tree!
    sandy xx

  2. Hehheeh - as always you made my day Jools! Your polka people are a SWINGIN group!!! Love them all and their unique frames too!! What FUN! Xj.