Monday 27 March 2017

DecoArt Butterfly Canvas

Apply Media Crackle Paste through stencils onto a canvas base
 Embellish with paper clay butterflies

 Apply Media Fluid Cobalt Teal Hue, Magenta and Dioxadine Purple

 Blend the shades together 

Wipe back the paint a little from the butterflies and also lift and blend the colour in the background

Highlight with Metallic Gold

Appy a wash of Quinacridone gold, some area apply neat


  1. Now that's a bit lush!!
    Amanda X

  2. Oh my gracious - all these butterflies look like they just landed on the canvas and are about to fly off again Jools. What INCREDIBLE DIMENSION. I would love to be in the middle of this RICHLY COLORED FUN world. Xj.

  3. So beautiful Jools, love the kaleidoscope of butterflies and the fabulous colours you blended together xxx

  4. Gorgeous colours and love the stencilled background. Stunning x

  5. Fabulous and stunning. Gosh I LOVE this. The texture makes it look very dimensional. Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome art. Hugs from Monica

  6. Your creation is beyond beautiful Jools. Thanks for sharing what you did - would love to see videos of you working!! I do love your creations.
    Sandy xx

  7. For those of us who haven't worked with such materials, how are "paper clay butterflies" adhered to the canvas? Thanks.

    1. I used Glossy accents, but think any strong multipurpose glue would work

  8. Your work is stunning. I love this

  9. Wow nice art work, wished I could see a video though, I learn by watching easier. But thanks for sharing.

  10. I am wondering how the Paper Clay Butterflies are made, if possible, or given a link to that if available. Thanks! I want to do something similar, never done a piece in this manner and I think it is really cool! Thanks again for any advice. :)