Saturday 29 April 2017

Love Kuksi

  I love Kris Kuksi work and the assemblage in the center of my crackle heart was inspired by his work, if you don't know him check out his incredible work

 Applied DecoArt Media white Gesso to a papermache heart

 Once dry apply a very thick layer of Crackle Paste and allow to dry overnight

 Adhere the embellishment with Superglue or any other strong glue

 Paint with white gesso

 Apply DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Quinacridone Burnt Orange

 With Carbon Black, then spritz with with water

 Wipe back to distress and expose the cracks

Dry Brush with Titanium White


  1. I just finished watching Dr. Who with hubby who is a long time fan! There was a face coming out of water and when I saw your post I giggled! This is so fun Jools. Love the color of your heart and of course, all the yummy crackles/textures. You made the face so crazy unique - framed with wings - WHO but YOU!!! Always love your creativity!! Xj.

  2. Awesome assembled project - LOVE IT xx