Tuesday 20 January 2015

DecoArt Diary

Here's a little preview of a new project over on the DecoArt Blog 
I personalized a Diary using the fabulous media products, lots of textures, rich intense colours and opalescent Interference colour

I hope you get chance to pop over for more details
Please click here 


  1. Just been over for a good look, great products and love your choice of colours, you've turned this into one special piece.
    Amanda x

  2. What an absolutely GORGEOUS journal cover, Jools! The color immediately stole my heart and the crackling grabbed my brain. I hope everyone goes over and takes a look at the whole cover--amazing work!

  3. Wow, how gorgeous is that ! Just had a look at how you made it. Brilliant Jools !
    Corrie x

  4. Your heart on this cover looks fabulous!!!... I'm going to read the details on the Decoart blog, I'm especially interested by how you have worked with the interference paints since I've bought some on the selling group managed by Tracy some time ago, but didn't use them too much so far... Off to see! :) xx

  5. Love it and thanks for the process steps xxx